·Binaural headset with yoke style cable and noise cancellation microphone |   Articulate and adjustable gooseneck mic boom design to suit individual user preference |  Fits comfortably over the head for pressure free all-day use | Choice of cushions and component level spares available for best Return on Investment (ROI)

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Galaxy Uno


Galaxy Plus Binaural Headset (1).jpg

Galaxy Plus

1. Monaural   2. Binaural

Galaxy Pro Binaural Headset (1).jpg

Galaxy Pro

1. Monaural   2. Binaural


Designed by the world renowned L2Design (Denmark), this innovative headset from Telekonnectors is the finest in its class in style, voice quality and comfort. | Ultra noise cancellation mic with a single cable binaural style | Wideband reception for best conversation in both softphones and desk phones

Celesta Uno

1. Monaural   2. Binaural

C Plus

1. Monaural   2. Binaural

Enterprise Bluetooth/Wireless Headsets

A Binaural NC Bluetooth headset designed for the needs of the professional environment.

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Celesta Bluetooth Series