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Streamline your network management with the Advanced Testers Kit

Introducing the Comprehensive Advanced Testers Kit – a groundbreaking all-in-one solution designed to enhance the efficiency of managing copper cable networks. This kit simplifies tracing, continuity testing, and diagnostics, enabling swift identification and resolution of network issues. Say goodbye to the need for multiple tools for different network types, as the Comprehensive Advanced Testers Kit covers Voice, Data, Video, and Security networks. This streamlines your workflow, leading to time and cost savings while reducing frustration.

Tone Generator



240 HAL

Tone Tracer

250 SSP

350 FP

Stopwatch CATV Model-1

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools for coaxial cable testing and troubleshooting. The Stopwatch CATV Model-1 simplifies your work, combining a conventional toner and probe into one versatile solution. Designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, this tool allows you to swiftly identify and diagnose coaxial cable issues.

Whether you’re dealing with a home theater system, a cable TV network, or any other coaxial cable application, the Stopwatch CATV Model-1 is your go-to choice for quick and efficient results. Why settle for multiple tools when you can enjoy the convenience and reliability of this all-in-one solution? Try the Stopwatch CATV Model-1 today and experience its benefits for yourself.