Sirius Professional Corded Headset: The Ultimate Noise-Canceling Experience

When it comes to noise cancellation, nothing matches the Sirius Professional Corded Headset. It’s the pinnacle of audio excellence, designed to provide you with exceptional sound quality, comfort, and elegance. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, or professional, Sirius is your ideal audio companion.
The Sirius headset stands out with its outstanding noise-canceling capabilities. It effortlessly eliminates unwanted external noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite music, or phone conversations.

Sirius Experience sound at its finest with Sirius Headset


Passive Noise Cancellation on the incoming voice and Ultra Suppression

Sturdy pressure-free headband; cushioned headset with ultra soft ear cushions

Smartkonnect termination and smartrecieve protection and hygiene covers for best user comfort

Experience unparalleled comfort with soft, cushioned ear cups and an adjustable headband that accommodates every head size and shape. The sleek and futuristic design not only adds to its beauty but also ensures remarkable comfort during extended usage.

For music Sirius offers an audio experience like no other. It’s designed to deliver top-notch sound quality, making your entertainment moments truly immersive.

TLK – Sirius

The Sirius headset, offering seamless connectivity options to various telephones and computers through corresponding adaptors or cables.
Professionals looking for audio excellence will find Sirius to be their perfect match. Its unique mic design and advanced noise cancellation ensure crystal-clear communication in even the loudest environments.
Experience luxury with ultra-soft ear cushions that envelop your ears in comfort, making long listening sessions a pleasure. Sirius provides a binaural audio experience, immersing you in 360-degree sound for a truly captivating audio journey.


Binaural headsets, equipped with two earpieces, are engineered to offer an immersive audio experience while effectively blocking external noises. These headsets create an optimal auditory environment, enhancing your listening pleasure and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your audio content.

Why Choose Sirius

Design Innovation in Sirius Audio Devices

Sirius is not just about exceptional sound but also innovative design. Its mic shield effectively filters out ambient noise, and the sleek build with premium-grade materials is a sight to behold.

Voice Clarity in Sirius Headphones

Sirius headphones offer exceptional voice clarity with their mic shield and SmartReceive® System that effectively block unwanted noise, ensuring a superior audio experience.

Over-the-Head Design of Sirius Headphones

The over-the-head design of Sirius headphones ensures stability and comfort during prolonged usage.


Connectivity Options with Sirius Headset

With SK® connectivity, Sirius can connect to a wide range of devices, providing you with flexibility in your audio setup.


What is an enterprise/office headset?
An enterprise/office headset, sometimes known as business headsets, is designed specifically for professional settings like call centers and offices. These headsets are tailored for tasks like phone or video calls, making them ideal for Microsoft teams and Zoom meetings. They often feature noise-canceling technology and noise-canceling headphones with a mic to ensure sound quality.
What are the benefits of using a noise-canceling headset?
Using a noise-canceling headset, including noise-canceling headsets with a mic, offers numerous advantages. These include improved communication clarity in busy environments like call centers, reduced distractions for enhanced productivity, and better sound quality headphones. Additionally, noise-canceling headsets can be eco-friendly with reusable plastics.
What are the benefits of using an enterprise/office headset?

Enterprise/office headsets are essential tools for teams and businesses. They offer clear communication during calls, minimizing background noise for improved sound quality headsets. These lightweight headsets are designed for comfort during long conversations, reducing the risk of neck and shoulder strain. They are also suitable for eco-conscious users with reusable plastics in headsets.

What should I look for when selecting an enterprise/office headset?
When choosing an enterprise/office headset, consider factors like comfort and lightweight headphones for prolonged use. Noise-canceling capabilities and sound quality headsets are crucial for clear communication. Evaluate compatibility with your devices, such as Zoom, and explore eco-friendly options with reusable plastics. Additionally, inquire about headsets repair and service options for long-term sustainability.