Hardware Security

Unique and patented solutions to protect your IT hardware assets.

The ultimate barrier against unauthorized access and movement

Introducing the TLK Security Kit – the ultimate solution for safeguarding all your desktop telecom hardware. From desktop PCs and thin clients to laptops, interfaces, headsets, and telephone cables, this kit has got you covered. Designed to provide complete security, the TLK Security Kit ensures that only authorized personnel have access to your equipment.

CPU Security Enclosure

The kit includes a special key that allows you to easily lock and unlock the security covers and locks. For desktop PCs, the TLK CPU Security Cover provides a robust barrier against unauthorized access. The cover is made from durable materials and can be quickly and easily installed to prevent tampering or theft.

For thin clients, the TLK Thin Client Security Cover provides an elegant and effective solution for securing your equipment. The cover is designed to fit over the device and can be locked in place using the special key, providing maximum protection against theft.

Laptop Lock - Lock down your laptop

 For laptops, the TLK Laptop Lock comes in both combination and key-based models, making it a versatile solution for securing your valuable equipment. The lock is easy to install and provides a reliable and secure barrier against unauthorized access.

The TLK Laptop lock comes in 2 types – Lock & key model and the Combination lock model. Based on the Laptop model, there are  nano, standard, wedge lock head as the different types of Laptop lock head that fits the corresponding slot in the Laptop.

Overall, the TLK Security Kit is a must-have for anyone looking to secure their desktop telecom hardware.