This innovative headset from Telekonnectors is the finest in its class for voice quality, comfort and style. | Ultra noise cancellation mic with a single cable binaural style | Wideband reception for the clearest conversations on both softphones and desk phones

Headsets - Celesta Series - Celesta UNO Binaural.JPG

Celesta Uno Binaural

Headsets - Celesta Series - Celesta UNO Monaural (1).JPG

Celesta Uno Monaural

Headsets - Celesta Series - C Plus Binaural.JPG

C Plus Binaural

Headsets - Celesta Series - C Plus Monaural.JPG

C Plus Monaural

Astral Series

This super light-weight headset comes with a single cable design | Soft ear cushions for a comfortable fit - Crystal clear sound | Comes with a choice of detachable SK® (SmartKonnect) or 3.5mm pin | Noise cancellation Mic - flexible mic boom with a 340° rotation angle

potrate gead phone 1.jpg

Astral 1


This headset comes with a durable cable and noise cancellation microphone | Articulate and adjustable gooseneck mic boom design to suit individual user preferences | Fits comfortably over the head for pressure free all-day use | Choice of cushions and component spares available for best Return on Investment (ROI)

Headsets - Galaxy Series - Galaxy Plus Binaural (1).JPG

Galaxy Plus Binaural

Headsets - Galaxy Series - Galaxy Plus Monaural.JPG

Galaxy Plus Monaural

Headsets - Galaxy Series - Galaxy Pro Binaural (1).JPG

Galaxy Pro Binaural

Headsets - Galaxy series - Galaxy Pro Monaural (1).JPG

Galaxy Pro Monaural

Galaxy Uno.jpg

Galaxy Uno

Enterprise Bluetooth Headsets

A binaural noise cancellation bluetooth headset designed for the needs of a professional environment.

Celesta BT headset.jpg

Celesta Bluetooth