TLK Fit & Forget (F&F)

Hardware Security Solutions

Unique and patented solutions to protect your IT hardware assets.

TLK Fit & Forget (F&F)

Hardware Security

Unique and patented
solutions to protect your
IT hardware assets.


Complete Hardware Security 

Introducing the TLK F&F Security Solutions – the ultimate anti-theft device for PC and the ultimate barrier against unauthorized access and movement of all your desktop telecom hardware. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide complete security for your equipment, including CPU security enclosure, to protect your PC, and safeguard your laptop hardware.

CPU Security Enclosure

The TLK CPU Security enclosure , also known as the STLK CPU Security Enclosure, is an essential component for safeguarding your desktop PC. This Secure Desktop PC enclosure is meticulously designed to provide advanced CPU security measures, ensuring that your valuable equipment remains protected against unauthorized access, tampering, and theft.

Crafted from durable materials, the TLK Tamper-Proof CPU Case serves as a robust barrier, offering reliable CPU tampering protection. Its fast-install design makes it an easy-to-use desktop security kit, tailored to meet TLK security standards. The TLK Key Lock CPU Enclosure ensures that only authorized personnel have access to your desktop hardware, adding an extra layer of security to your workspace.

 CPU Security Enclosure Thin client, micro and mini


CPU Security Enclosure 2

        CPU Security Enclosure for Tower model


Visual Overview

Laptop Lock - Lock down your laptop

When it comes to laptop security, the TLK Laptop Anti-Theft Lock offers a versatile solution to lock down your laptop. Available in both key-based and combination models, this laptop security solution ensures reliable and secure protection against unauthorized access.

The TLK Laptop Anti-Theft Lock features two types: the Lock & Key Laptop Safety and the Combination Laptop Lock, allowing you to choose the model that suits your preferences. Depending on your laptop model, you can opt for the nano, standard, or wedge lock head, ensuring a secure fit in the corresponding slot, and providing a reliable barrier against laptop theft.


TLK F&F Patch Cord

Unbreakable, unique, first of its kind plug. Patented reverse pivot design – Available in regular & self-locking versions | Lengthier body and longer latch for easier use | 50μ gold plated contact for best in class contact and reliable transmission. I Available with any (UTP) Unshielded twisted pair cables – CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a etc… I Custom length, colour and termination available on request.

K-plug self lock (RJ 45).

K-Plug without lock (RJ 45)

K-Plug RJ45