We want to be at the forefront of innovation and design in the enterprise telecom market. We strive to manufacture high quality telecom equipment at the most optimum price for the customer, thereby providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Being the only Indian company manufacturing such specialized equipment, we would like our brands to represent the highest standards of quality, techniques, innovation and integrity.

The logo of Telekonnectors reflects this vision & commitment.


Telekonnectors was founded in 1986 on a request from the Government of India, Department of Telecom, to introduce two much needed products to meet the needs of the then current generation Telecom initiative: A premises distribution media components system, and a state-of-the-art lightweight headset for the PTT network.

Telekonnectors introduced the modular mini plug and jack as the network termination standard, designed the first low cost wall jack for the Indian environment, and established its first manufacturing facility for plugs, jacks, and network interfaces. This wall jack won international acclaim for its design simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Telekonnectors today, is an 85 people company, with offices in all Indian metro cities, New York, London and the Philippines, serving many of the top corporate names.